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The best video conference cameras are built with different features and capabilities to meet different individual and business needs for conferencing platforms. In this article, you’ll find 5 different web conference cameras to choose from. They’ve been reviewed on top sites and users have many things to say about them.

The key to meeting your conference needs is choosing the best conference camera for you or your company. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know what to look for in the best video camera for you. Here’s a list of the best video conference camera to help you make an informed decision.

Best Video Conference Cameras for Business

Logitech MeetUp

Logitech MeetUp HD Video and Audio Conferencing System for Small Meeting Rooms
  • Logitech's premier conference cam specifically designed for business grade video meetings in huddle rooms and small conference rooms
  • Super wide 120 degree field of view enables everyone in the room to be seen, even people sitting close to the camera or at the edges of the room; Sensitivity: 27 db
  • Built in audio system features 3 microphones and a custom tuned speaker specifically optimized for ultra clear conversations in huddle rooms

Designed for business-level video meetings, Logitech MeetUp often finds use in small conference rooms and huddle rooms. Its ultra-wide view field is what you need to see everyone in a room or persons seated at the edge of a room or close to the video camera.

The camera comes built with an audio system with three microphones and a speaker you can custom-tune to your unique sound needs for maximum ultra-clear conversations in your chosen meeting room.

Based on your network bandwidth, the Logitech MeetUp Camera for conferences provides top video quality to meet your current and future app needs. What’s more, you can also use it as a speakerphone.

Simply connect it to your mobile device through Bluetooth for high noise-free intelligibility and complete voice reproduction. It supports a range of microphone frequency responses to meet your varied needs.

Meeting Owl

Owl Labs Meeting Owl - 360 Degree, 720p Video Conference Camera, Microphone, and Speaker (Automatic Speaker Focus, Perfect for Huddle Rooms), Black
  • DESIGNED TO HELP TEAMS BE MORE PRODUCTIVE. Meeting Owl is the original 360° smart video conferencing camera. It automatically highlights and shifts focus to different people in the room when they speak, so you know what’s happening as if you’re there.
  • SEE AND HEAR EVERYONE EFFECTIVELY. It combines mic, camera and speaker into one device and sits in the center of the table. The 360° lens shows the whole room, while eight microphones pick up everyone within twelve feet.
  • EASY AND QUICK SETUP. Plug in the power and USB, load up your favorite video conferencing platform, and start your meeting. No downloads or installs.

Are you looking for the best meeting experience for your team? Meeting Owl is a 3600 smart video camera designed specifically for conferencing. It can auto change and highlight focus to various people in a room as they take turns in speaking. It ensures you get to know follow up everything happening in the meeting as if you’re present in person.

It comes with a camera, microphone and speaker all built into the device to enable you view and hear everyone taking part in the conference meeting. The camera is placed at the table center and let the 3600 lens show you the entire room. The eight microphones can pick sound up to 12 feet away, ensuring you can hear everyone taking part in the meeting.

Meeting Owl is easy to setup and doesn’t take up much time. Plug it into the USB port and power outlet to load the video conferencing platform. Start the meeting when ready. It neither requires installations nor downloads. With WiFi connections, you can auto add new features to your video conferencing platform for the best meeting experience.

The video conferencing camera comes with a money-back guarantee to get back your money. However, you’re bound to like it as many people have many good things to say about it. Give it a try today and you won’t regret your decision.

Logitech ConferenceCam Connect

Logitech ConferenceCam Connect All-in-One Video Collaboration Solution for Small Groups – Full HD 1080p Video, USB and Bluetooth Speakerphone, Plug-and-Play
  • Portable all-in-one videoconferencing solution: Sleek, easy to carry design enables high-quality videoconferences in virtually any workspace
  • Perfect for small workgroups: 90-degree field of view and 360-degree sound optimized for groups of 1-6
  • Enterprise-quality video/speakerphone: Full HD 1080p video with autofocus and digital pan/tilt/zoom. Integrated wideband audio speakerphone with noise cancellation and full duplex Omni-directional mics

The Logitech ConferenceCam Connect comes in a sleek design you can easily carry around. It’s an all-in-one video conferencing platform for portable use. It supports premium video conferences anywhere you’d want to hold your meeting. Built with 3600 sound and 900 view field, the camera is ideal for small groups of up to 6 people.

Digital zoom and autofocus capability allows for business-quality speakerphone or video use. It’s built with a wideband audio speakerphone for full duplex all-directional use of microphones. It also cancels noise for sound clarity.

It allows connections to mobile devices such as smartphones through the wireless screen-mirror projection capability for content display and presentations on television screens or projectors. Simple plug the camera to a USB port for immediate use. It also pairs with mobile devices through Bluetooth and is compatible with various web conferencing apps such as Skype.

Logitech PTZ Pro Camera

Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Camera – USB HD 1080P Video Camera for Conference Rooms
  • Ideal for conference rooms, training environments, large events and other Professional video applications
  • Delivers Brilliantly sharp image resolution, outstanding color reproduction, and exceptional Optical accuracy
  • Enhanced pan/tilt and zoom motor performance make moving from preset to preset smoother. The wide field of view make it Easy to see everyone clearly

The Logitech PTZ Pro Camera is designed for use in training, conferencing, large events and other professional applications for video conferencing. It delivers exceptional color reproduction, sharp image resolution and high optical accuracy for a conferencing experience like no other.

Moving from one preset to another has never been easier than with the camera’s improved tilt and zoom feature. The wide viewing fields enables you to see everyone in attendance for the meeting or conference. If you want to view whiteboard content, close-up objects or any other detail, simply zero in on the objects or zoom wide for clear visibility.

Based on an advanced camera technology, Logitech PTZ Pro Camera processes video within its PTZ camera to free-up bandwidth. As a result, you’re guaranteed smoother and faster streaming of video in web apps such as Skype for business for a seamless conferencing experience.

The improved zoom and tilt features supports smooth motor performance when changing from one preset to another. With the camera, you can clearly see everyone seated in a conference room for a meeting or event. The advanced camera technology it’s based on allows for video processing within the PTZ camera without taking up so much bandwidth.


Whether you want to hold a video conference through the Microsoft Skype app for business or any other web app for conferencing, the camera has everything you need for a successful meeting. Built for high optical accuracy, exceptional reproduction of image color and sharp image color, you’ll want for no other video platform.

If you’re new to video conferencing or have vast experience in using the best video conference cameras, our list of cameras won’t disappoint. They’re built to meet varied needs of different businesses for an ideal conferencing camera. Choose what meets your unique needs.

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