Best Ram For 5900X

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The best ram for the 5900X is based on price not performance. We’ll discuss Vengeance LPX Team Group’s Xtreem ARGB Crucial Ballistix and Trident Z Royal. Each has strengths and weaknesses and you should look for the right one for your system. We’ll also look at the compatibility of each memory with its respective motherboard.

Vengeance LPX

If you’re looking for the best ram for 5900X consider the Corsair Vengeance LPX. This memory kit has above-average speed and excellent overclocking potential. It’s made of high-quality materials and has an eight-layer PCB to improve heat efficiency. It’s available in 16GB (2x8GB) and is compatible with most CPUs.

Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 memory operates at 3000MHz CL15 and employs an XMP 2.0 profile by default. This low-profile DDR4 memory is compatible with AMD systems. Its low-profile design and aluminum heat spreader make it ideal for use with Corsair’s Ryzen 9 5900X CPU. It’s also easy to install with the included aluminum heat spreader.

Team Group’s Xtreem ARGB

The Xtreem ARGB memory module comes with an imposing aluminum alloy heat spreader and rests on a black PCB. It has an infinity mirror configuration and 15 addressable RGB LEDs. It is the tallest of its kind at 49mm. It supports most motherboard lighting software. The Teamgroup software allows you to configure the lights. It can support up to four different profiles and is compatible with most popular motherboards.

Xtreem ARGB measures 49mm and features a mirror finish. While this shiny surface is a fingerprint magnet most users won’t even touch it. However Team Group includes a microfiber cloth to clean it. Those who are looking for an affordable alternative may also consider the Kingston HyperX ram. However Xtreem ARGB memory can’t achieve overclocking results as impressive as Team Group’s product.

Crucial Ballistix

The Crucial Ballistix 5900X is a dual-channel 2400 MHz memory module with 1.2 Volts of power consumption. This allows it to fit well into smaller cases or larger processor coolers. The performance of this memory module is excellent but it does not compare to other RAMs in terms of overclocking and compatibility. Although it is compatible with many major brands you cannot save an XMP profile or overclock this memory beyond 3700MHz.

The RGB system in the Ballistix memory kit is a familiar one from previous models. The clean finish and RGB design add a touch of class to your system. Crucial Ballistix has an impressive array of colors and RGB effects available to match your gaming style. You can choose a shade of red green or blue to enhance your graphics. If you’re a gamer you’ll love the quality of this memory.

Trident Z Royal

If you’re looking for the best RAM for 5900X then look no further than the Trident Z Royal. This ten-layer memory kit from G.Skill features a polished silver-gold finish and grey or black heat spreaders. In addition it comes with 17 CAS latency making it the perfect choice for light builds. In addition to its excellent performance it also features a wide selection of customization options.

When it comes to memory G.Skill’s Trident Z series is top-tier. It offers good out-of-the-box performance and plenty of overclocking headroom. Compatible with the Ryzen 9 5900X Trident Z Royal memory comes with a number of cool customization features. Users can configure lighting effects to make their system more customized and customizable. This memory also includes Lighting Control Software.

Corsair’s Dominator Platinum

The Dominator Platinum has a familiar form factor and is recognizable for its high overclocking potential. The memory sticks are 55mm tall and require a single fan or AIO cooler to keep them cool. Fortunately the 5900X has a generous amount of room for such sticks and is one of the fastest processors on the market. Here’s a closer look at this memory:

Dominator Platinum doesn’t quite live up to the hype that accompanies its name. It’s less powerful than its rivals but it’s still able to match more expensive memory in most ways. The only drawback is that its diffuser doesn’t look quite as good as Neo’s but its performance is still up to par with other memory available. Lastly paired with an Intel CPU the Dominator Platinum is less impressive than its counterparts.

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