Best Projector for Gaming and Movies

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Projectors have come a long way in recent years and the blurry visuals have matured to extremely high-quality images and can nowadays even offer 4K support and now input lag which makes them ideal for gaming as well as movies.

While 4k television set is around, they are still extremely pricey when compared to projectors which is why if you are looking to game in 4k resolution on a large screen, investing in a projector might be a good idea, if you have the space to use it. You can also set it up with a Thrustmaster steering wheel and play driving games on it.

Regardless of whether you are planning on using the projector for playing video games, watching everyday television shows, or are trying to make your own home cinema, we have got something for you. So join us today, as we are taking a look at some of the best projectors that you can use for watching movies, gaming or any other purpose that you may think of.

Best Projector for Gaming and Movies

With so many different brands and Best Projector For Gaming and Movies out there, it can be hard to separate the great from the good. The Best Projector For Gaming and Movies below are picks that any gamer would love to have in their home.

The Optoma UHD60

Optoma UHD60 True 4K UHD Projector, Bright 3000 Lumens, Entertainment and Movies, Rec.2020 with DCI-P3 for Wide Color Gamut, HDMI 2.0 and HDR10, WHITE
  • TRUE 4K ULTRA HD: Experience premium, high-quality home cinema feel with 8.3 million distinct addressable on-screen pixels, enabled by the Texas Instruments 4K UHD DLP chipset
  • 4X THE PIXELS OF 1080p: See more detail with 4 times the pixels of your 1080p HDTV; higher resolution creates a razor sharp picture for the ultimate 4K home theater experience
  • ULTRA-BRIGHT: With 3,000 lumens, the UHD60 is bright enough in any room in the house, whether in a well-lit living room or a dimly lit home theater space

When it comes to top-notch projectors, none come closer to being perfect than The Optoma UHD60. While this particular projector comes at a price of $1600, it comes with the full support of 4k resolution. Additionally, the picture can be up to 300 inches in size and with 3000 lumens, you will have no problems with projecting your image even if the room you are in is well lit.

The dynamic contrast of the 1 000 000:1 ratio, this projector will make sure that the dark areas of the image stay dark, regardless of the lighting in the room. As mentioned above, the projector does support 4k resolution, however, it is extremely difficult to see any improvement in the image quality, even on the largest of screens, which begs the question of whether the 4k support feature is really worth it.

On the other hand, Optoma UHD60 is one of the few projectors that support 4k and is available at an affordable price at the same time. It also offers a video array of connection ports such as 2 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, LAN support and Analog RGB PC input, as well as a few audio ports.

The BenQ HT2150ST

Angrox HT2050 Projector Lamp for Benq HT2050 HT2150ST HT3050 W1110 W1210ST W2000 Replacement Bulb
  • BRANDED MANUFACTURE: 100% new replacement projector lamp bulb with same functioning as your origin. Perfect match and compatibility for your projector.
  • FEATURES: This is the lamp with housing, be difference from a bare bulb. Same brightness and durable lamp wick as the original bulb. Outputting high definition pictures as you are expecting.
  • COMPATIBLE MODULES: Applicable for Benq HT2050 HT2150ST HT3050 W1110 W1210ST and W2000 Projector.

Coming in at number two, we have the BenQ HT2150ST which is one of the best projectors to buy if you are looking to get great value for your money. The projector is an upgraded version of the HT2050 and it offers the user a 100-inch picture at the distance of five feet. It also comes with 2200 lumens which is more than enough light for every relatively well-lit room and the contrast ratio of 15000:1 will make sure that your dark images stay dark.

What makes this extremely good for gaming is the fact that it comes with very low input lag. It has a Game Picture Mode as well as a Fast Mode which you can enable, and once you do, the input lag is similar to the one of a regular television set which is something all gamers desire. On the other hand, if you are planning to primarily be using your projector to watch movies and create an authentic cinema experience, the BenQ HT2150ST has got you covered there as well.

The Cinema mode that the projector comes with, when used, automatically sets the gamma to 2.2 and normalizes the balance of colors. It also dims the picture slightly by setting the lamp to an ECO setting automatically which you can adjust to be brighter if you choose to do so.

The Epson Home Cinema 5050Ube

Epson Home Cinema 2100 1080p 3LCD projector
  • Bright — ideal for a variety of lighting conditions, the projector has 2,500 lumens of equal color and white brightness (1).
  • Widescreen Full HD 1080p entertainment up to 11 feet (132 inches diagonal) or more — over 4x larger than a 60-inch flat panel.
  • Dynamic contrast ratio — up to 35,000:1 for rich detail in dark scenes , Versatile connectivity — 2x HDMI ports to connect your cable or satellite box, Blu-ray Disc player, gaming console or streaming device

The Epson Home Cinema 5050Ube projector comes in at third place on our list and it is arguably the best mid-range projector that supports 4k resolution. While it makes a great movie/tv projector, it is also a decent gaming projector. Its response time is 23.5ms which will allow for gaming without input lag and with 2600 lumens which will allow you to project an extremely well-lit image and unlike most other projectors, it doesn’t downscale your resolution to 1080p and then resamples it to Ultra HD but instead allows you to project the image in true 4k. Another great feature of this projector is the fact that it comes with a wireless transmitter.

The BenQ TK800M

BenQ TK800M 4K UHD Home Theater Projector with HDR and HLG | 3000 Lumens for Ambient Lighting | 96% Rec. 709 for Accurate Colors | Keystone for Easy Setup | Stream Netflix and Prime Video
  • 4K PROJECTION TECHNOLOGY - 8.3 million distinct pixels deliver awe-inspiring 4K UHD image quality with stunning clarity and crisply defined details. NOT Double HD or 2K like other manufacturers
  • DLP BETTER BY DESIGN - DLP Technology provides a better image resolution and quality without the "jaggier" and more pixelated compared to other technologies
  • PLAY GAMES IN 4K.: Play your favorite console games in sharp 4K and picture quality. Lower input lag on this projector makes gaming fun on your PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and others.

If you are looking to purchase a projector that supports 4k resolution output but your budget is somewhat scarce, then BenQ TK800M is the projector made for you. While most 4k projectors tend to be very expensive, coming in at a price of $1300, BenQ TK800M is an extremely good deal.

The projector is also able to output 3000 lumens which will ensure that you are able to see your picture even in an extremely well-lit environment. The downside of this particular projector is that it comes with a contrast ratio of only 10000:1 which is quite lower than our other entries on the list but it is still enough to ensure that you get a clear image with rich colors and a good balance of brightness and contrast. When it comes to unique features, the BenQ TK800M comes with a unique picture mode specially tailored to projecting football and other sports which is why many people have dubbed this projector as a “sports projector”.

Overall, the BenQ TK800M projector is definitely a great home entertainment projector that offers a lot of interesting and unique features at a very affordable price. While it isn’t one of the best home-theater projectors, it is still up in the top five when it comes to everyday entertainment which is why it is on this list.

The Epson Home Cinema 2150

Epson Home Cinema 3100 1080p 3LCD Home Theater Projector
  • Bright — ideal for a variety of lighting conditions, the projector has: Color Brightness: 2,600 lumens and White Brightness: 2,600 lumens.
  • Full HD 1080p, widescreen 3D performance — for movies, games and more, up to 300". Operating Distance:32 ft (10 m)
  • Deep black levels — up to 60,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for rich detail in dark scenes.Display Performance:1920 x 1080 native 1080p; HD, 2D, 3D. Fan noise is between 24 dB – 35 dB

Our final spot on the list goes to the Epson Home Cinema 2150 projector purely because it is arguably one of the best wireless projectors available at a relatively low price. The Epson Home Cinema 2150 supports full HD resolution and allows the user to stretch the image to 300 inches. With the ability to output 2500 lumens, you should have no problem using it in rooms that are well lit and the contrast ratio of 60000:1 and 10-bit color depth will make sure that your image contrast and colors are well balanced.

The input lag is also very low so it can be used for gaming and the wireless connectivity will allow you to stream from various devices with ease without having to plug anything in. Definitely a great projector at a price under $1000.

Projector Buying Guide

While we have already described all of the products above as well as their features, some of you might still have lingering questions when it comes to purchasing a projector for gaming so here are a few important things to keep in mind when buying one.


The resolution is one of the most important things to look at when looking for a perfect projector. Most of the modern consoles are 4k enabled however, older consoles mostly support 720p. When choosing a projector, a 1080p one will likely satisfy all your gaming and movie requirements.

Refresh Rate

Another important aspect is the refresh rate. It is measured in Hz and it indicates how many frames per second you can project. If the FPS is too low, you might notice artifacts or frame tearing, but everything above 60 FPS is can’t be noticed by a human eye, though some people are more sensitive than others.


Luminosity is another very important feature when it comes to projectors. If it isn’t high enough, you might have a problem when trying to use it in a room that is not dark enough. The lumen count may vary from one projector to another, but the high-end projectors typically have 3000 lumens.

Projection Distance

The space where you will be setting up and using your projector is just as equally important as any of the other features mentioned above on the list. When dealing with a large space, a conference room or a larger living room, there is plenty of space where you can set up your projector and project your screen in full quality, paying attention to the zoom distance of course.

However, many of you might find yourselves without such a large space available or you might be planning to use your projector in a smaller space like a bedroom or a suite. This is where the projection distance starts to matter. If the latter is the case, you might want to consider buying a short-throw projector which only require around 1.5 meters of distance to project. This will ensure that your image remains sharp and clear without any distortion in smaller spaces.


All in all, it is a fact that projectors have matured over the years and are on par with some of the modern television and computer screens. While some of them can be pricey, some of them offer great features at relatively low prices so investing in one such projector might be a good idea if you have the space to use it.

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