Best Paintball Game Ideas (to Keep The Kids Busy!)

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Paintball is an action-packed, fast-paced game of shooting and dodging no matter how you play. It is so much fun, whether you’re just shooting down the other team, or you’re playing an organized recon game.

If you’re having trouble thinking of which games would suit the format of paintball the best, then look no further. We’ll take a look at some of the most popular and well-loved games that can be played on a paintball field. Then, we’ll see which are the best to play indoors and outdoors, and also which are the best to play with many friends or just with two people.

Of course, you don’t need to follow rigid rules, unless you’re playing a professional game, but this list may give you an idea for a game, which you can adapt to your field and friends! One of the best things about paintball is that you’re free to play as you like!

Capture The Flag

Capture the flag type games are very popular in paintball, and with good reason. They’re competitive and fun, with simple to follow rules and a lot of room for adaptation. There are a couple different basic variations, and we’ll take a look at two:

Capture The Other Team’s Flag

In this variation of capture the flag, players must organize into two teams. Each team picks a base to call their home and gets a flag to plant on their turf. Both teams should know where the other team’s flag is. Then, when the game begins, the aim is to infiltrate the other team’s area, take their flag, and run back to your own team’s base with it without getting hit by the other team’s firing. This is a classic defense – offense game that is played the world over.

Capture The Central Flag

For this second take on the popular flag game format, players must either organize into teams or if they wish, they can play as individuals (this means that this is a suitable game for only two people as well as large groups). Only one flag is in play here, and it must be planted in the center of the playing field, although you don’t need to measure this out, just plant it where you think no teams will have an unfair advantage. Teams or players must then try to capture the central flag. The game can be adapted to ask players to take the flag to a certain spot to win, or just to capture it. Sometimes, players must take the captured flag and hang it on the enemy’s flag station to make winning more difficult.

Elimination / Death Match

This is a category of games in which players are eliminated until there is only one standing or one team. Players begin the game by choosing teams. Make sure the teams are the same size, as this gives a fair chance to both. Elimination can be played with two people, but chances are that it will be a short game. After teams have been picked, players stand with their group at opposite ends of the field. The game starts, and the aim is to eliminate the other team’s players as quickly as you can, or before they eliminate yours.

Sometimes, to make the game last longer, every player has a set amount of lives (usually 3) before they are finally eliminated from the game. Games can also be played where players who have been eliminated must reach a pre-determined spot to get resurrected to join the game again. The team that has the last player standing is the winner.

It can be a good idea to impose a time limit on the game to prevent it from dragging out too long if the odds are well matched.

Bomb Squad

Bomb squad is played best in teams of more than one. Team one is elected to be the bad guys. Their goal is to hide bombs around the field. The bombs can be anything that is uniform in appearance, but the other team must know what they look like. Team two then enters the field and looks for the bombs. Once they are found, they are removed. Team two is generally trying to defend their bombs, so the game is not as easy as it sounds!

Bomb Transport

Bomb Transport is played like bomb squad, but there is only one bomb. It is handled by the bad guy team, and their aim is to transport the bomb to a specific location. The game is won when either the good guys eliminate all of the bad guys, or when the bomb reaches the final destination.

VIP / Bodyguard

This game can be played by four or more players. Divide into teams of the same number, and select one of your teammates to be the VIP in the group. Each team must reach a pre-determined spot on the field without allowing their VIP to get hit by the other team. This game is best played with at least three or four people on each team: a VIP, a defender, and an attacker.

Some variations have a flag that only the VIP can touch to add an extra layer to the gameplay. This flag must be captured and returned to the VIP’s lair or to the other team’s flag station.


In Assasins, every person plays individually. Prior to the game beginning, everyone’s names are placed into a bowl. Each player draws out a name, and whoever they draw is to be their target. When the game begins, players must try to assassinate the person whose name they drew from the bowl. You can never know who to trust in this game, so make sure that you play individually. When you assassinate a player, take the name card in their possession (who they assassinated). This way, the person who ends up with the most cards is the winner – not necessarily the person left standing!

Other games

These are just a few classic examples of games that can be played on a paintball ground – all you need to get started is the best entry level paintball gun, which shouldn’t cost too much.

Obviously almost any game that you played in the schoolyard can be adapted to fit the scenario. There are so many varieties of each game type that something is bound to interest everyone. Some games are less competitive, others are a lot more so. Some games are totally individual, and others require a lot of teamwork and cooperation.

All of the games listed can be made to work well on an indoor pitch, and on an outdoor one. Just make sure that if you are changing a game to accommodate your surroundings, every player knows the changes and understands them.

Paintball is a fun way to spend time with friends or family, and can even work well for anyone thinking of outside of the box ideas for a work party.

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