Best Laser Barcode Scanner Ideal for Small Businesses

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A laser barcode scanner can make things infinitely easier at your business. It’s immediately reads a barcode, and as much as barcode apps can work well, it’s relatively unprofessional to use your phone. It’s also not great if you’re trying to do inventory and you don’t want to use your phone, and you want to avoid your staff having their phones out.

You only need to check out the reviews of the bestselling barcode app to know that they’re not all they are cracked up to be. So, in some circumstances it can make sense to invest in a regular laser barcode scanner instead.

There are a few different options on the market. Though they are similar, there are some subtle differences between them that may make one option a better choice for your needs. So, let’s check out some of the best barcode scanners available.

Best Laser Barcode Scanner

A laser barcode scanner is actually a highly sensitive laser diode, which can *capture* the reflection of light off the code. The reflected light is then focused onto a high-performance photodiode and converted into an electrical signal (basically, it converts light into digital information).

Its optical head features a rotating mirror used to scan in any direction within an 8- to 15-degree arc at 10 times per second. This enables scanning of linear barcodes found on most products; 1D stacked codes found on some books, CD’s etc.; and 2D matrix codes found on magazines and most everything else. Some fixed position laser scanners are also available for reading small areas where hands free operation is required.

Nadamoo Wireless Barcode Scanner

NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner 328 Feet Transmission Distance USB Cordless 1D Laser Automatic Barcode Reader Handhold Bar Code Scanner with USB Receiver for Store, Supermarket, Warehouse
  • Long Distance Wireless Transmission Technology.Delivers up to 400m transmission in open air/100m transmission indoor. No More Data Cable Needed, easily connected with your laptop, PC etc.
  • Come with 2600mAh Large Battery, full charge allows 30 working days if scans 2000 barcodes a day, which can greatly extend working hours and improve your work efficiency.
  • Two paring mode: One-to-one mode,More-to-one mode. At one-to-one mode,one scanner only transmit barcode to the one usb receiver. AT More-to-one mode,Multiple scanners can transmit barcode to the one usb receiver - ideal in a warehouse where several people are scanning at once.

If you’re looking for one of the easiest use barcode scanners, then it’s worth having a look at this one from Nadamoo. There are a few things that make it an awesome option if you’re looking for a decent laser barcode scanner.

Firstly, it’s convenient. all you have to do with this one is plug it into your laptop and spend a few minutes setting up a Microsoft Word or Excel file and you’re pretty much good to go.

Secondly, it’s not only wireless, but it’s wireless to the point that you can actually use it at long distances. Often barcode scanners are wireless and have a short range, which can be really frustrating. This barcode scanner has a 100m range if you’re indoors, or up to 400m if you’re outside. This should be more than enough for any small business.

And finally, it’s relatively cheap. When you consider the quality of this barcode scanner, then you’re definitely getting a decent deal for what you are paying. So, it’s pretty clear that at a low price, you’re not going to get much better than this barcode scanner.

Esup Wired Barcode Scanner

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This Esup Wired Barcode scanner is more suitable for those looking for a bargain option. If you want something that you can easily plug into your laptop through USB and just use it, then this is likely a great choice.

They do offer a lot more different variants of their scanners, but this particular one is interesting. This is primarily because of the low cost, which you don’t find too much with barcode scanners. Generally, you’re looking at a minimum of $50 for a scanner. So, it’s interesting to find barcode scanners that are cheaper than this that don’t have a massive drop in quality.

The cable that’s includes is 2m, which is adamant for the majority of people. If you’re just looking for a desk barcode scanner, then this is a solid choice.

LS Pro Wireless Barcode Scanner

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Another 100m barcode scanner that you’ll probably want to have a look at is this scanner made by LS Pro. It’s a little more expensive than other scanners, but you’re getting a higher quality scanner for the price.

Why is this barcode scanner a better option for more advanced use? Well, one of the main reasons that this is a great scanner is that it has a separate storage mode. This means that you can store 100,000 barcodes on the scanner itself if it isn’t connected to a computer. When you get to a computer later, you can them upload the barcodes to the computer. This is handy if you’re not going to be using it with your laptop.

Aside from the great battery life, you also will prefer this scanner if you hate Bluetooth (which can be a little annoying at times!).

Teemi Laser Barcode Scanner

TEEMI Wireless Barcode Scanner with Optional Stand Handheld Automatic 1D Laser Rechargeable Bar Code Reader for Windows PC Mac OS Linux Plug and Play (No Stand)
  • 【Strong Recognition Ability and Durable Design】It reads various types of 1D barcode like UPC, EAN, Codebar, Code 39, Fedex, UPS, USPS Tracking number, VIN numbers. For screen and 2D codes, please kindly go for TMSL-55 or TMSL-56 scanner
  • 【2.4G Wireless and USB Wired Connection】With Mini USB Receiver and USB Cable, Plug and Play, no need to install any software or app, wireless range can be up to 196ft around 60meters in open space without obstacles
  • 【Inventory Mode and Multi-language Supported】It can save the scanned data in the memory and upload in batch, very good for inventory purpose; support English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and more language output

This Teemi laser barcode scanner is another option if you’re looking for something pretty decent. It has a good battery life, which is something that may be important to you if you’re looking for that. You don’t need to install any software, which is something that you’ll probably find better as a convenience option.

It’s a bulky scanner. This may or may not suit you depending on what you’re looking for. For some people a bulky scanner will be a better choice, but for others they’ll prefer something a little more lightweight. Either way, there’s going to be a scanner here that will suit what you are looking for.

Nadamoo Advanced Laser Barcode Scanner

NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner with USB Cradle Charging Base 328Ft Long Transmission Handheld 1D Cordless Laser Barcode Reader Portable Bar Code Scanning for Retail Supermaket Warehouse
  • USB plug-and-play, no driver installation needed.Just plug USB into USB port of your device and run a EXCEL/WORD file or other appliaction then scan,barcode is entered into the field your cursor is in.Utility cradle can be used as a receiver or a charging base.
  • Using Wireless Transmission Technology.Delivers up to 400 meter/0.25 mile in open area, up to 100 meter/ 328 feet indoor.No Data Cable Needed, freely transmit the barcode to your computer,PC etc.
  • Powerful matching function: supporting 3 kind of paring modes (one to one,one-to-many and many-to-one). One receiver can receive messages from 32 pieces of scanner at the same time.

More in line with the Teemi Laser Barcode Scanner is this Nadamoo Advanced Barcode Scanner. It’s very similar to the other Nadamoo scanner that I’ve already mentioned, except it’s a little more advanced.

One of the main reasons that this scanner is more advanced than the other is that it has the storage mode like other more expensive scanners. You can also receive data from an abundance of different scanners at the same time. It’s also very fast at scanning, which is really great if you’re looking to get stuff scanned at a quick rate.

Another pretty good option if you have a higher budget and want to get a new laser barcode scanner.

TaoTronics 2.4g Wireless Scanner

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Taotronics are some of the better cheap cost technology products available. They produce a ton of different things that you can consider, but the laser barcode scanners that they have available are pretty good too. It’s compatible with all different Microsoft packages like Excel and Word.

There isn’t a great deal of difference between this laser scanner and others, but it’s undoubtedly another really good option if you’re looking for a barcode scanner.

How does a Barcode Scanner work?

Effectively, a barcode scanner is just a way to read barcodes. I know – pretty simple and not much of an explanation. Although once only really used in retail stores, nowadays you’ll find laser barcode scanners in a ton of different industries. And now, the cost of them is low enough that anyone can get a barcode scanner for their business.

Essentially, they translate a barcode into numbers. Dependant on the type of barcode scanner that you get, they may use lasers to do this, or in some cases lights. The main reason what we really prefer to use barcode scanners is that they’re a one purpose utility. With your mobile phone, you’re prone to viruses and you need to update software frequently. With barcode scanners, this isn’t the case. And whilst they’re simplistic in their design, this makes them perfect for their use.


Overall, a good laser barcode scanner can make things a whole lot easier at your business. If you get the right one, then it should be extremely helpful. A fast scanner can help you to scan things extremely quickly, which is important if you’re in a rush. They can also make things a lot easier for taking large amounts of inventory, which is obviously the main reason that you’re looking for a barcode scanner.

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