Best DNS For PlayStation 5

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There are a few different ways to protect yourself from phishing attacks. These VPNs use different methods to protect you so it’s important to choose the one that works best for your needs. Alternate DNS is one such service and it offers global DNS resolution along with blocking unwanted ads. It also improves internet security by supporting IPv6 DNS over HTTPS and TLS and maintains a list of malware and phishing URLs. And they are now expanding to include family premium DNS service so you can better protect your children.


One of the best ways to boost the performance of your PlayStation 5 is by using Cloudflare DNS. The company’s DNS service provides a high level of privacy and security to its users with its built-in malware protection and content filtering. Though it requires a bit of setup the benefits far outweigh the cons. Its easy configuration and 24-hour technical support make it a great choice for PS5 owners. It reduces latency and all types of traffic and its inbuilt DNSSEC and DOS mitigation help it protect its users against malicious activities.

There are a few pros and cons to using a DNS server. DNS is an important part of your PS5’s internet connection. It helps you download and play games on your PlayStation 5 console smoothly. Before you do that you need to learn how to configure DNS on your device. First you should choose the best DNS server. Make sure the server supports IPv6. A high-performance DNS server will prevent your internet connection from becoming unusable.

Comodo Secure DNS

One of the best things about using Comodo Secure DNS for PlayStation 5 is the fact that it does not require any software installation. In addition the service protects you from malicious sites such as phishing websites and also ensures that you have fast internet access. With the cloud-based service Comodo Secure DNS allows you to control your DNS server from any location. The company has servers in 25 countries and offers a variety of functionalities to its customers.

There are no complicated setup procedures for installing Comodo Secure DNS for PlayStation 5. You can configure DNS settings yourself. You can choose from a wide range of content filters and custom logos for blocked websites. The service also blocks harmful websites and content phishing scams botnets and other malicious websites. The DNS also filters data to block tracers and malware and blocks traffic from phishing sites.


You’ll need to change the settings in your PS5 for OpenNIC DNS to work properly. First you need to change the internet connection settings. On the home screen of your PS5 select network set up internet connection use wi fi or custom. Then select your primary DNS and secondary DNS settings. Then click OK. The next step is to run a network test to verify that everything is working properly.

Using a public DNS server is much better than a private one. This is because it will reduce traffic and keep you protected from phishing spam and redirects. Another advantage of using a public DNS server is that it will increase download speed and improve the PS5’s overall user experience. As a result the DNS server will find the fastest possible channel to connect to increasing your download speed. And once you’re connected the PS5 will be able to play games at top speed.


You can use a free DNS server on your PlayStation 5 to boost its speed and security but it might not be the best option for your system. If you’re concerned that your connection might be slowed it may be better to use a paid DNS server instead. Quad9 is a great choice for most people as it uses DNS over TLS which shields you from local network manipulation. Additionally the Google Public DNS features an authoritative lookup with a fast anycast name server. These services also offer better security and ease of use.

In terms of performance QUAD9 is one of the best DNS servers for PS5. It works on all major platforms and supports IPv6 versions. It also supports multiple devices and doesn’t require any additional applications. It also includes family protection mode which blocks adult content. And the server uses QUIC transport protocol which provides high-level encryption and minimizes connection time. It also ensures that your data is not leaked so you can rest assured that your privacy isn’t at risk.

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