Best Cooler For Intel i7 10700K Processor

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If you’re looking for a liquid cooling solution for your Intel i7 10700K processor you may be wondering what the best choice is. Here’s a look at a few top-of-the-line models including the Noctua NH-D15S Noctua NH-U12A Gigabyte AORUS ATC800 and Asus ROG LC 240.

Noctua NH-D15S

If you’re looking for a new CPU cooler consider the Noctua NH-D-15S. The NH-D15S uses six heat pipes and 6.5 square meters of fin area. It also runs at a reasonable noise level which is a plus for gamers. The cooling unit is very easy to operate too. It keeps your CPU cool and prevents it from overheating.

The Noctua NH-D-15S is compatible with both AMD and Intel sockets. The dual fan configuration is compatible with up to 65mm memory modules and the NH-D15S is compatible with a wide range of motherboards both ATX and uATX. It has a mirror-polished copper base plate and Noctua branding on both towers.

Noctua NH-U12A

This Noctua NH-U11A cooler for the i7 10700k is a good choice for most gamers but if you’re concerned about noise look for one with a low noise rating. CPU coolers can significantly affect the overall sound quality of your system and choosing the right one can make a world of difference. This model features an all-black design that is very difficult to spot in a room.

The NH-U12A features two industrial-grade PWM fans to keep your CPU cool. It produces less noise than other high-end air coolers but it still delivers an impressive level of performance. The 160mm height of this cooler allows it to fit in almost any tower case and is compatible with RGB LEDs. The NH-U12A’s 65mm RAM clearance means it won’t obstruct a PCIe slot on most ATX and Micro-ATX motherboards.

Gigabyte AORUS ATC800

The AORUS ATC800 cooler for the i7-10700K is the fastest cooling solution available for a single processor. The cooler can handle up to 250W of heat production from one processor. It is also the quietest cooler for the i7-10700K producing only 18 dB at base-load. The AORUS ATC800 has dual 120mm fans that are individually controlled for color and brightness.

This cooling solution supports the i7 10700k processor at full TDP and is maintenance free with no priming process prior to startup. It also stays within the 67C throttling range. Ultimately this cooler is the best solution for your budget PC. So what’s your next step? Check out the video below! It might surprise you!

Asus ROG LC 240

The Asus ROG LC 240 is a liquid CPU cooler. It features a 240mm radiator dual 120mm 4-pin PWM fans and Fanxpert controls. This cooler is easy to operate and does not make noise while gaming. The cooler has low power consumption and is easily replaceable. This cooler is very effective in keeping the CPU cool without creating a high temperature.

This AMD Ryzen CPU uses four heat-pipes for maximum cooling efficiency. The cooler also has high-profile RAM support on both ends meaning it will fit in most ATX and uATX motherboards. Its recessed lower fins provide extra clearance for PCIe cards and other components. The cooler also has a fan speed of 24 dBA.

Fractal Design Celsius S24

The Celsius S24 is the first AIO CPU cooler from Fractal Design that uses a glassed-capped view to show the CPU’s temperature. It is equipped with three Aspect 12 RGB PWM fans. The Celsius uses an intelligent temperature control system that allows you to make changes to the liquid temperature quickly and easily. It also features a 6-year warranty. A compact design and easy installation are two of its major appeals.

The Fractal Design cooler uses an aluminum radiator and is extremely light in weight. It measures 392mm x 120mm x 27mm and its total thickness is 5253mm (including fans). The block uses low-permeability rubber tubes with braided nylon sleeve protection. This is a great way to keep the GPU cool even on the hottest days.

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