Best Alarm Clock Apps 2022 – (Android Version)

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Most of us use an alarm clock of some shape or form, whether its an electronic one, or a mechanical one. We all need something to get us up in the morning (or whenever you get up). Not everyone is lucky enough to have an impeccable internal clock that pushes them from the depths of sleep at the right time every single day. So we use alarms to keep our lives on the right track.

But there are so many options when it comes to clocks. Some people prefer a soft alarm that vibrates on their wrist at the specified time, while others prefer a harsh mechanical awakening that’ll definitely get them up. Then there are those of us who use apps on our smartphones instead.

In this article, we’ll look at the some of the alarm clock applications on Google’s Play Store for Android phones to use with your alarm clock. Some of these will come with a small fee, while others are completely free.

Best For Serial Alarm Clock Ignorers – Alarmy (Alarm Clock With Missions)

This app has everything for those who constantly sleep in due to ignoring their alarms or dismissing them. There are options to set various tasks for you to do before the alarm can be dismissed.

For example, the photo recognition capability in the app can be set to ask for a photo of the coffee machine in the morning (proving that you are out of bed and in the kitchen). Another neat trick of the app is the “shake missions”, which request that the user shake the phone up to 999 times before the alarm shuts off. Annoying? Yes, but still a good option for the heavy sleepers!

Best Alarm Clock With Sleep Tracking – Sleepzy

Sleepzy works a lot like the way a Fitbit does when it comes to alarms. You place your phone next to you on the bed when you go to sleep, and the app tracks your movements and noises to see which stage of your sleep cycle you are in at any given time.

Then it adjusts your morning alarm according to when is the best time to interrupt your sleep. This means that you will never get up on the wrong side of the bed while using this app as your alarm.

Very handy for those of us who are very delicate in the mornings. You can, of course, set a final get up time as well, to make sure that the alarm doesn’t skip waking you for too long and make you late!

Best No-Frills Alarm Clock – Simple Alarm (by Moula)

For anyone who doesn’t need a whole host of options and settings, this is a really good option. The interface is not cluttered, all the functions that do exist are easy to use and straightforward. It has all the essentials, but nothing to weigh down your phone memory or speed.

A neat advantage is that you can type wake up times right into the app. Managing alarms this way is much easier than with an app that wants the user to use a slider to set the time. A classic, reliable and basic option.

Best Alarm Clock With Radio and News – myAlarm Clock

If you want an alarm clock that doesn’t make the same noise every morning or doesn’t just play a jingle, get this one. It allows the user to choose a radio station or news station, and set it as the alarm. It is good to wake up to a bit of variation every morning!

Other features include a more forceful alarm for the heavy sleepers, a gentle alarm for those who are prone to be scared awake by their alarms, and a sleep timer. It is possible to set any recording on your phone as the alarm on this app as well, so if it was always your dream to wake up to the noise of your 6 cats meowing, now you can!

Best No-Ads Alarm Clock – Alarm Clock Widget (by Mod-Dev Apps)

A simple alarm clock with no ads! It is frustrating to have to silence not only your alarm in the morning but also the ad that pops up at the same time. With this app, you won’t need to do this any longer because there are no ads at all! The app lets you set unlimited alarms, change the theme colors, add a widget to your home screen and use a gentle wakeup setting. It has a nice modern design as well and doesn’t occupy a lot of space on your phone – it is quite lightweight.

Best Alarm Clock by Design – Wakey

Taking after the graphics style of apps like headspace, this alarm clock app looks beautiful. It has cute characters and is lovely to use. It uses animations to show you the forecast and time of day. In addition to being well designed, it has a lot of the functions that make the previously listed clocks so good.

These include math puzzles and vacation mode (when your phone won’t wake you for a set amount of days). If youa re into taking power naps, then there is a quick setting for that on this app as well.

Which Alarm?

So, we’ve seen that there is an alarm for any necessity. There’s one for you whether its no ads or impeccable design that you crave. There are certainly more alarm clock apps in the app store, but the list above sums up the very best ones. These are reliable and well tested by other users as well.

In the end, the alarm clock that you choose will depend on what you really want to do. Google also makes an alarm clock app, but it has less functionality than do the ones on this list.

There is also always the option to use the pre-installed alarm clock app that comes with all android phones. It makes sense to try a couple of different apps to gauge how much you like their functionality. Most of them are free to download, after all (with most using in-app purchases for extras).

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