Best Bean Bag for Gaming [Updated 2020]

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As a gamer, it’s important that you have your optimal seating positioning. For some people, that may be on a chair. For others, it’s laid on the bed arching their back. But for me, it’s undoubtedly most comfortable when I’m slouched on my bean bag chair.

If you’re looking for a new addition to your bedroom or lounge and you don’t know what to get, then maybe you’ll want to consider getting a bean bag. Some people think they’re for kids and well.. maybe they’re right – even adults, after a long day at work, want somewhere to come home and just crash whilst playing some videos games.

Either way, here I’ve listed some of the better bean bag chairs on the market so you don’t need to worry about ones that are made poorly and are bad quality. With one of these bean bags, you should be able to get comfortable enough whilst still maintaining the ability to play!

Best Bean Bag for Gaming


Lumaland Bean Bag Chair | 5 Foot & Dark Grey | Microsuede Cover Machine Washable Big Size Sofa and Giant Lounger Furniture for Kids Teens and Adults
  • ✅ Luxury Bean Bag Chair with ultra soft and machine washable microsuede outer cover. Great touch and feel for kids, teens and adults, with beige polyester inner cover - so you can still use your lounge chair during washing.
  • ✅ A real Big Size Sofa - 5-foot lounger to fit all kinds of living rooms, bedrooms or children`s rooms. For great everyday fun and relaxation in all situations. So take your time and lean back.
  • ✅ Get ready for a new style of furniture in your home. The deep colours and different sizes are perfectly mixed so you can choose the best bean bag for your own preferences. The microsuede cover is designed for daily use by children, adults and pets - the zippers make cleaning very easy to handle.

If you want the best quality bean bag chair, then you shouldn’t look much further than Lumaland. They are a tad expensive, so if you’re looking for a budget buy, then this likely will be a bit out of your price range. But if you want optimum comfort, then this will be a solid choice for you.

The good thing about Lumaland bean bag chairs is that you get optimal customization over them. This means that you get to pick the color – whether it’s simple gray, or you want to go for something a little more luxurious. Not only this, but Lumaland have every size between 3-7 feet, which means that you can either get one for your child or for an adult (or even consider getting a smaller one for your dog!).

Lumaland specialize in bean bags, as it seems likely they’ve looked to fill a gap in the market of higher quality bean bags. In fact, when you consider the amount of low quality bean bags being sold for $50-100, then it’s not actually that expensive in comparison. With Lumaland, you get a good quality chair that you won’t need to worry about tearing every time you sit on it!

Lucid Lounge Chair

LUCID Oversized Shredded Foam Lounge Chair - Charcoal
  • Adult-size lounge chair is perfect in theater rooms, family rooms or dorm rooms for watching TV, playing video games or reading
  • A reinforcing strap keeps the back in place and helps chair retain its shape
  • Durable fabric cover with waterproof layer

If you’re after something a little cheaper and are looking for a typical lounge chair, then it might be worth considering this Lucid Lounge chair. Whilst it’s not a typical bean bag chair (it’s filled with foam), it fulfils the same purpose and it’s as comfortable, if not more comfortable, than a regular bean bag chair.

The reason that I’ve included this chair is that one of the most common problems with bean bag chairs specifically for gaming is that they aren’t sturdy enough. You can either go for the typical bean bag like the Lumaland, but many bean bags that are shaped like actual chairs, don’t really work. This is because the beans inside don’t have the capability stay stiff enough. This is why a foam chair might actually prove to be a better choice for you, especially for gaming. Plus, foam filled chairs may prove to be better for your back.

It’s filled with shredded foam, so whilst it’s firm, it’s still relatively lightweight. This makes it ideal if you’re on the move or if you’re a student, as you can transport it really easily. It’s available in a few different colors, and for it’s quality, it isn’t too expensive. Overall, this is maybe the best choice if you’re actually looking for somewhere that you can sit up gaming.

Cozy Sack

Cozy Sack Maui Beanbag Chair, 6 Foot, BLACK
  • It’s all about the FOAM: Cozy Foam’s long smooth strands are designed for maximum comfort and durability. Our unique design prevents lumpy uncomfortable spots created from irregularly shaped shredded foam fills.
  • It really is about the FOAM: Cozy Foam is made from 100% CertiPUR-US certified foam. CertiPUR-US certified foams Do Not Contain: Formaldehyde, Phthalates, PBDEs, TDCPP, TCEP, mercury, lead and other heavy medals.
  • PROTECTIVE LINER: Durable Cozy Sack liners protect our patent pending bean bag filler and make it possible to remove chair’s outer cover for cleaning or replacement.

Like amny other things in life, sometimes the older brands are a better choice than the newer ones. This is true with Cozy Sack, who have been around for a few years and have a good customer base.

If you want a typical foam bag, then this brand is likely to be a good choice for you. Their prices aren’t too expensive, and for the cost, you’re undoubtedly getting a decent quality bean bag. They’re available in a ton of different colors – they even have leopard skin, if that takes your fancy!

As I said, this is another foam bag option. Why? Because foam is much sturdier than beans, and although it gives the same flexibility, it makes it more suitable for sitting up. Bean bags are great for lying down, but for gaming, I find foam to be a better choice.

One of the other things that’s great about Cozy Sack is that they make every size from 3 foot all the way up to 8 feet, which is perfect for using as a sofa for two or even three people. If you’re after a normal bean bag that’s good quality, then you might want to consider Cozy Sack.

Wekapo Bean Bag (for young kids)

WEKAPO Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover for Kids | Stuffable Zipper Beanbag for Organizing Children Plush Toys | 38" Extra Large Premium Cotton Canvas
  • STUFFED ANIMAL STORAGE SOLUTION - This is a sweet home for an huge amount of stuffed animals your kids love. It will turn the stuffed animal chaos into functional storage that works just like a bean bag chair, ideal for reading, snuggling or lounging.
  • GENEROUS SIZE - It is extra large at 38" and can hold up to 100 various size stuffed animals. We guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised at how many stuffed toys you can fit in this storage bag.
  • PREMIUM COTTON FABRIC - Our stuffed animal storage bag is made of strong, soft and comfortable cotton canvas with reinforced seams that are top stitched, providing a nicer finished look.

If you have young kids, then this Wekapo bean bag is proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a decent quality product. At less than $30, you have a ton of different colorwave choices. What’s best about this bean bag is that it isn’t actually filled up with beans – you can use it to store your kids cuddly toys! If you don’t want to do that, then old linen is another great way to fill this bag up.

This is just another nifty choice that you might want to consider. Whilst it isn’t necessarily ideal for gaming, it’s another option for young kids if you’re still not sure.

Big Joe Bean Bags

If you’re looking for the quintessential bean bag chair, then the likelihood is that you’re going to be able to find something available from Big Joe. Big Joe have essentially commandeered the current bean bag market, and they undoubtedly have the widest variety of bean bags available online.

Big Joe have a few different options. First off is one that’s a good example of an actual beanbag chair, which is a bit more difficult to come by than you might think. The majority of bean bag chairs you’ll find online are really bean bags, and the chairs themselves are usually a little more expensive due to their design.

Aside from your standard bean bag and bean bag chair, Big Joe have a wide variety of different, more quirky designs. They also have a more luxurious range, though they do run a little more expensive than the rest of their products. With Big Joe, you get a wide variety of different options to choose from. So, whether you’re looking for a regular bean bag chair, a soccer themed one or a cube one that’s a little more expensive, then Big Joe will likely have something that works.

The main issue with Big Joe bean bags – and I can attest to this myself – is that often, their products aren’t as high quality as they appear in their images. All you have to do is look at their reviews on Amazon and you’ll see that whilst some of their products are great, there’s a ton of complaints about bean bags just not appearing as they do online.

This is largely a product design flaw – I don’t know where Fat Joe get their products from, but they do seem to have declined in quality in recent years. If you are going to go Fat Joe, make sure you check the reviews out online of the particular model you’re going to purchase beforehand.

Should you consider getting a bean bag chair?

Of course, you might not be sold on getting a bean bag chair at all. And if you’re not, don’t worry – there are a ton of other options online that you might want to consider. But what should you consider when getting a bean bag chair? Well, there are a few things that you might want to think about.


One of the main reasons that you’ll want to consider a bean bag chair is comfort. If you’re like me, then often you can spend hours at a time gaming. So, it’s important that you have somewhere comfortable to sit.

Of course, the idea that a bean bag chair is more comfortable for you than any other type of chair is entirely down to you. But if you’ve never tried a bean bag chair before, then I advise you to give it a shot, even if you head down to your local furniture store and try it out on theirs!

Back pain

Not only is comfort something that you’ll want to think about, but you’ll also want to consider whether  bean bag chair might actually be good for your back. Whilst there isn’t a great deal of research on whether bean bag chairs are actually good for your back, there are many people that report improvement in back pain issues when they switch to using a bean bag chair.

This makes sense, as a bean bag isn’t sturdy like a normal chair. With a regular gaming chair, your back has to shape itself to the chair, which can prove to be bad for your posture. With a bean bag, you’re creating the shape of the support when you’re sitting in it, so this can prove beneficial if you experience back pain.


Although many people think that bean bags would be cheaper than your regular gaming chair, this isn’t necessarily the case. Whilst it’s true that lower quality bean bags are going to be cheaper, a bean bag isn’t something you’ll want to skip with the price on.

This is because the cheaper quality bean bag you buy, the more likely it is to tear or wear out within the first year or two. So, if you’re going to get yourself a decent bean bag, make sure that you do your research and try not to skimp too much on price.


Overall, it’s clear to see that like with most purchases online, you should really do some thorough research prior to purchase (I guess that’s why you’re here!). I guess this look through the best bean bag chair for gaming clarifies that you really need to do your own research on bean bags before purchasing them. This is because there can be a dramatic difference in quality depending on where you get your beanbag from.

If you’ve done your research, then you shouldn’t have any hesitation purchasing a bean bag chair. But, if a bean bag chair isn’t for you when you’re gaming, then you might want to consider a different type of gaming chair. Either way, getting yourself a good quality chair for gaming can undoubtedly improve how you play. Whether that be sitting on a bean bag is up to you, but there’s a few of the best choices listed here.

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