Aura Sync Fans – High-Tech Gaming Fans

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If you’re into computer hardware you may want to check out Aura Sync fans. These high-tech fans have several advantages. They can be customized to emit a single color or glow in different colors. This is great for gamers because you can easily change their color scheme to fit their gaming style. There are also various features available such as speed and noise level control. The most interesting feature of these fans is their ability to automatically detect your gaming preferences and customize the fan according to your preferences.

BitFenix Spectre Pro RGB 120mm

The BitFenix Spectre Pro RGB is a dual-fan CPU cooler and chassis fan that is compatible with the Asus Aura Sync motherboard. These fans have been designed to eliminate air turbulence and generate high static pressure. They have been designed with a dual-frame layout with an interior frame that is positioned above and below the outer frame. Their design also minimizes vibration transfer.

The Spectre Pro RGB is BitFenix’s latest addition to the acclaimed spectre fan series. The RGB fans feature ASUS’ TriBrightTM LEDs which are both durable and bright. They can synchronize with other Aura Sync compatible components. Spectre Pro RGB fans feature built-in RGB controllers and excellent performance. These fans are compatible with other BitFenix RGB products and are also compatible with Asus’ Aura Sync software.

The Spectre Pro RGB 120mm aura synch fan has a remote control with seven colours to choose from. These RGB fans feature transparent material on the rotor to create a halo effect. The remote control can be placed anywhere in the case and has magnets to help with installation. The fan hub can be connected to an ASUS motherboard with a 4-pin RGB header. Compatible RGB components will automatically sync with the ASUS motherboard.

This model also features LED lights in 12 different colors. You can control them with the included software. The DeepCool CF 120 RGB LED fan is certified by MSI and Asus and is compatible with both MSI and Aura Sync. It has 12 different LED lights and can run up to 30000 hours! These fans are designed to be silent while providing excellent cooling. They also work well with other brands of motherboards.

Thermaltake Vortex RGB HPB 120mm

If you’re looking for a high-end PC fan that also looks good you might want to consider the Vortex RGB HPB 120. This high-end fan is equipped with 18 independently controlled RGB LEDs and a wireless controller. The Vortex RGB HPB 120 has a 180o viewing angle allowing you to customize the lighting of your PC. Its high-speed fan is regulated so that it doesn’t interfere with your gaming experience and helps keep your computer components cool.

This ultra-quiet RGB fan is equipped with 18 LED lights that rotate at an angle of 180 degrees. Moreover this fan comes with a wireless remote control allowing you to change up to 100 different effects and color combinations to enhance your gaming experience. Another great feature of this fan is its compatibility with most RGB control software. The Cougar Vortex RGB HPB 120 is equipped with a unique design that offers users the flexibility to choose from three fan modes.

The RGB fans are the most efficient cooling fans on the market. Their unique splitter cable allows you to connect up to four fans to a single motherboard and still leave room for a fourth. This splitter cable is very convenient to use because it provides four spots for a single fan leaving one for additional fans. Furthermore there are three different modes to control the lights of the fans – static unique and RGB.

The RGB fan case is easy to install. The fan’s internal illumination is customizable using the mainboard software. The RGB fan case features a unique design that gives your PC an aura-like environment. Despite the RGB lighting the Thermaltake Vortex RGB HPB 120mm aura sync fans are not fully sealed. They’re not sealed and can leak dust if you have a humid environment.

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