Asus Aura Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

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Your Asus Aura has stopped working. In this case you should first check if it’s detecting your motherboard properly. This is caused by one reason: other lighting software is interfering with AURA Sync. If this is the case try reconnecting the RGB headers to your motherboard or uninstalling it. If none of these methods work try these instead:

Asus AURA is not detecting your motherboard

If you’re having trouble with the AURA software on your Asus motherboard you might want to check the headers on your motherboard. Make sure you have the right number of pins and security for the connectors. Also make sure your motherboard’s RGB components are correctly connected. If you’ve previously reconnected headers it may be necessary to restart the software and your system. Once you’ve fixed the connectors you can try changing the on-screen parameters of AURA.

There are several possible reasons why your AURA is not detecting your motherboard. If your motherboard is compatible with the AURA software you’re probably facing the same problem. If this is the case you’ll have a hard time syncing your components. You may even notice that the AURA buttons will become unresponsive or dim. Some users have reported experiencing different types of errors related to AURA Sync including inability to open the application or to log in with administrator privileges.

Other lighting software may be interfering with AURA Sync

Using ASUS Aura Sync is a great way to customize your computer’s RGB lighting. This new feature can control nearly every component in a PC and can even be combined with peripherals from other brands. This is especially helpful for gamers who want to customize their lighting to match their favorite games. You can also use other lighting software to control your computer’s RGB lighting such as CORSAIR iCUE.

Other lighting software may be interfering with the functionality of ASUS Aura Sync. This is not a cause of a conflict between these two applications but rather a symptom. If you have multiple devices with RGB lighting you may want to check the manufacturer’s page to determine which software is compatible with ASUS Aura Sync. Alternatively you might be able to download and install AURA Sync to the wrong location or have an out-of-date version.

Reconnecting RGB headers on your motherboard

Before you can activate your RGB lighting on your Asus Aura motherboard you have to connect the RGB/ARGB headers to the system. These are located on the motherboard’s edge and if they are not connected correctly the software will not recognize them. In order to reconnect the RGB/ARGB headers you must disconnect any third-party RGB lighting software installed on your system. This should resolve the problem.

If your Asus Aura motherboard isn’t detecting the RGB headers you should connect the LED strips to the LED headers. Then you can use an RGB fan strip. Make sure that the strips are connected correctly as incorrect connections will not produce any glowing LEDs. Reboot your system and software if necessary. The next time you notice that your Asus Aura isn’t detecting your RGB headers it might be time to reconnect them.

Uninstalling other lighting software

Having ASUS AURA not working on your PC? Uninstalling other lighting software may solve your problem. You may have accidentally installed ASUS Aura in the wrong location or it is conflicting with other lighting software. Check that the LED strips are plugged in correctly. If they are not they won’t connect properly. Moreover the strip might be faulty or the LEDs may not connect at all. Luckily there are a few fixes for this problem.

First of all you need to make sure that your RGB headers are properly connected to your motherboard. Incorrect connections could cause AURA sync to stop working. If you do not follow the connection manual you may experience problems. Also you should remove other lighting software installed by other manufacturers like Corsair or Cooler master. If you find that the problem persists you can try to uninstall the other software and reinstall it.

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