Are soundbars worth it? | Soundbars vs Home Theater Systems

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In recent years, soundbars have become one of the most popular types of speaker. As televisions have become thinner and thinner, the need for soundbars have become greater and greater. And whilst they aren’t the be-all and end-all of speakers, they can certainly provide a necessary boost to most televisions.

For most people though, it can be difficult to know whether a sound system is the right option for them. Do you really need a soundbar, or would it be a better option going for a full on sound system? Or should you scrap the idea of any speakers at all and stick with the ones built into your television? Well, it can be really difficult to know whether getting a soundbar is worth it for you.

What is a Soundbar and are they worth the cost?

Essentially, a soundbar is a way to improve the quality of sound from your television. You’ll also find mini soundbars which can be used as a speaker for your computer or for your laptop. But generally, soundbars are used with a television.

With more high end televisions, you’re usually going to purchase them with some sort of surround sound system as well. Though some newer systems have great quality audio, a soundbar can increase the audio quality immensely. Obviously, because newer televisions are becoming thinner and thinner, there’s less room for high quality speakers. Hence, why additional ones are necessary.

So, soundbars are essentially there to improve the audio quality of your television/computer/whatever monitor it is you’re watching.

Soundbar vs Home Theater

When you purchase a new television, you’re probably going to get hassled to try and buy a home theater system with it. In fact, a lot of televisions come in a package with a full surround sound system. But, it a home theater system a lot better than a soundbar, or is a soundbar a better choice?

At the end of the day, it really comes down to your budget and what you want. A soundbar is sort of middle ground between a home theater system and the regular audio speakers installed in your televison. But, there are some reasons why you might prefer to get a soundbar;

  • Cost – Of course, the main reason that you’d likely opt for a soundbar over a full blown sound system is that a soundbar is much more cost effective. You can pick up a decent soundbar for less than $100 bucks, but home theater systems can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. So, there’s a quite obvious advantage in being able to pick up a cheap soundbar at a good price.
  • Multi-Use – Dependent on the soundbar that you get, often they’ll have an easy to function bluetooth built into it. This can be used really easily with your phone if you’re looking to connect to it to play music or something else. Some cheaper home theater systems don’t have this option.
  • Great for small spaces – If we’re in the lounge, then there’s no doubting in my mind that a surround sound system is going to be the better option. But for small spaces or the bedroom? A simple soundbar can give you a massive improvement on your television volume.


Overall, it’s clear to see that a soundbar undoubtedly has it’s place in the majority of houses. Depending on what exactly it is you want, a soundbar can be a great idea if you’re looking for good quality audio. Whilst they’re obviously not as good as speakers twice their size and power, they do provide a surprising amount of power for a small speaker.

Cheap soundbars are pretty easy to find, and in my opinion, it’s worth going for a budget option. If you’re going to go out and spend hundreds on a really expensive soundbar, then you might want to consider saving a little more and getting a home theater system instead.

2 thoughts on “Are soundbars worth it? | Soundbars vs Home Theater Systems”

  1. Good insight on soundbars,
    Thank You.
    While we have a good home theater system it’s great for music and movies however, it’s a little “ muddy” with TV broadcasts.
    Would a sound bar improve TV sound w/o engaging the surround system?

    • Hey Jim, thanks for visiting. A soundbar is perfect for improving the quality of your TV audio without having to spend a ton of cash. Without seeing your setup, it’s impossible for me to know why your TV broadcast is sounding a bit muddy – could be due to the flooring or a multitude of other things (I’d love to help you with more info!).


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