Are Nerf Guns Dangerous?

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Nerf guns are one of the most popular toys of the past 50 years. It’s no surprise that they’re one of the most bought toys – Nerf guns can be pretty darn fun to play with, both for kids and adults. One of our favorites is the Nerf Elite Disruptor, which is a cheap and cheerful way to get started with Nerf guns.

But, are Nerf guns considered to be dangerous? The main concern for any parent is that they might damage themselves whilst paying with their toys. No one wants to take a trip to accident and emergency on Christmas day, especially not if your child has ended up injuring themselves with their own Christmas presents!

So, in general, it’s best to keep dangerous toys to a minimum. This is why I’ve always been super dubious of letting my kids have their own trampoline – I know that they can be dangerous.

It never occurred to me that Nerf guns may be dangerous too. This was until a friend asked me recently “Are you letting your kid play with that?”. It didn’t occur to me that Nerf guns might be really dangerous, especially for younger kids. Let’s look at whether Nerf Guns are dangerous or not.

Are Nerf Guns Dangerous?

The reality is that in my opinion, Nerf guns are no more dangerous than the majority of other toys out there.

Of course, this is all provided that you teach your kids properly and give them a few limitations. For example, it isn’t a good idea to shoot someone in the face from point blank range with a Nerf Gun (it’s not rocket science). Provided you teach your kids this kind of information, then you won’t need to worry about them hurting themselves.

For some people, the worry comes from their children playing with other kids, some of whom might not be as sensible. If you’re really worried about Nerf guns, then you could consider getting them a set of Nerf goggles so they can protect their eyes whilst playing. But for most people, this will be overkill.

The reality is that Nerf guns are no more dangerous than toy swords or other similar toys that are available, so there’s not too much to worry about if you’re considering getting your kids a Nerf gun set as a present.

Don’t Nerf guns shoot too fast though?

The majority of Nerf guns shoot around 30 mph. This is undoubtedly pretty fast if you’re shooting from close range, but if you’re shooting from a distance like you should be, then this will give the foam bullet time to slow down. Upon impact, Nerf guns aren’t going to hurt or even make a mark – as long as you use them from a safe distance.

What about Nerf with Cats and Dogs?

If your cat or dogs takes a bite out of your Nerf bullets, then the likelihood is that this isn’t going to cause much of an issue. However if your pet has been feasting on Nerf and they may have ingested quite a lot of Nerf, then this can be cause for concern.

The reason for this is that if they consume too much foam, then this can cause a blockage. This isn’t a common problem, but if this is the case, then your best bet is to take your dog to the local vets to get an X-Ray. This way, they can check to make sure that your dog hasn’t ingested too much foam and there aren’t any pieces of foam in their system. To be on the safe side, this is likely your best bet.

Of course, if you have young children then it’s best not to leave them alone with your pets and a Nerf gun. Pets can often fall victim to stray bullets, and although if a human was to get hit in the eye it may not be a big issue, pets eyes are particularly sensitive. That means that if they do get hit in the eye, this can cause issues for them so it’s best to try and avoid this scenario.


Overall, Nerf guns are generally considered as a safe option for younger children and older children. It’s best that if you do have younger children that you ensure they don’t target other children’s eyes, as this can undoubtedly become an issue.

If you’re worried about the foam in the Nerf guns being an issue, then you could always consider getting some laser tag guns instead. This way, you can be sure there’s no physical contact from the guns, and the lasers are low enough in power they won’t damage your child’s eyes. You might also want to consider a Boomco gun.

But for the most part, Nerf guns can make an awesome toy for your kids. If you’re really worried about them being dangerous, then it’s best to keep the children under your supervision whilst they play. Or better yet, you could even consider getting an extra Nerf gun and joining in the fun yourself!

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