Are 3D Printers worth it?

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If you’re considering getting a 3D printer, then you’ll likely want to know whether you’re investment is going to be worth it. Nowadays, more and more 3D printers are becoming available at pretty good prices.

And although 3D printing might seem like a new phenomenon, it’s actually older than you think. It dates back to the 80s, but only in more recent years has it been easily available for retail sales at cheap enough prices for pretty much anyone to pick one up.

But for the average member of the public, are 3D printers worth the investment? Or would you be better off saving your money and spending it elsewhere?

Are 3D Printers worth it?

Are 3D Printers worth it? Well, actually 3D print technology has been around for a long time. In the past decade, the technology has seen some major advances and finally hit the mainstream market, making it more affordable for many people to purchase their own 3D printer.

Are they really worth investing in these machines or is it just another fad that will fade away into oblivion one day? Is this really the future of manufacturing or is it just hype? Are 3D printers going to revolutionize how we manufacture things in the future as many believe they will … and …

Are 3D Printers worth buying? Are they here to stay or are they a passing craze bound to fizzle out eventually like so many other trends have done before?! That’s what we’re going to be looking at.

For the majority of people, 3D printers might be worth investing in, depending on what it is that you’re going to use it for. If you want to create small household and day to day accessories, then a cheap 3D printer might make a good investment.

Reasons to Buy a 3D Printer

If you’re thinking about getting a 3D printer, then there’s more than one reason this might be a good idea. Here’s a couple of the main ways that you can ensure that you’ll make the most out of it.

You can actually use it to make practical things

Whilst a lot of people think that 3D printers are generally used to make useless things, this isn’t the case. You can make a ton of stuff with a 3D printer, even a small budget one will be able to create things like smartphone cases and they’re particularly useful for things like coat hooks and doorstops. You can make a ton of different things with a 3d printer, so it’s definitely worth looking at what you can make before you purchase one.

This spool holder makes an awesome accomplishment for any sewing enthusiast.

3D Printing is a fun activity

Although you might think that 3D printing would be boring, it’s actually really fun (depending on what you find fun, of course). If you like creating things, or you enjoy games like Minecraft, then you’ll probably enjoy 3D printing too.

You can make cash from it

If you head over to sites like Etsy, you can see that there are quite a few people on there making the most out of their 3D printers. One way that you can earn back the cost of your 3D printer is to sell your own products.


It’s relatively easy to create these kinds of things once you get the hang of using a 3D printer, so it’s worth considering this if you want to make some extra cash.


One of the keys to being successful selling online with a 3D printer is that you have the ability to personalise things however you desire. This isn’t just good for selling stuff, but it can also be pretty cool to personalise stuff for yourself as well. If you’re the type of person that likes to make stuff with your name on (or any name on for that matter), then 3D printing allows that.


Another overlooked reason to invest in a 3D printer is if you have children at home. If you want to give them the opportunity to create something for themselves, then 3D printing is a great way to enable that. Even using basic 3D printing software could prove advantageous in the long run if you think you might have a budding engineer on your hands.


All in all, it’s pretty clear to see that a 3D printer can be much more than just a toy or a one off purchase. If you get the right model, then you can actually use it for a variety of different creations throughout your house. Depending on what you really want, then a 3D printer can be a good addition to your household. They’re more than just a little bit of fun, and although they’re enjoyable to use, they can be practical too.

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