Application Loader Error 5 – How to Fix Application Loader Error 5 0000065434 on the iPhone

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You have received an application loader error while playing a steam game on your iPhone. What should you do to fix the problem? Here are some simple steps to follow:

Application loader error occurs for steam games

If you’re experiencing an Application loader error for Steam games you’ve probably noticed that your game files are corrupted. In some cases this is the result of Steam games being installed on a different directory. To fix this move your game to its original location. To do so open your Steam application and go to the Library tab. Next right-click the problematic game and choose properties. On the Local Files tab click the Verify Integrity of game file button.

If you’re still experiencing the error after performing one of these steps you should try deleting your Steam app cache. These caches store the resources your game needs to run. Because the Steam app cache can contain a number of bugs deleting them will remove the errors from Steam. This folder is located in your ‘OS (C:)’ and in ‘Program Files (x86) on your PC.

To resolve the application loader error for Steam games you must find the folder in which you installed the game. Then open a Command Prompt and run it as Administrator. Type in the following commands one after the other and wait until the process finishes. Then reinstall the game and test the installation again. If the application loader error persists you may need to contact a support service for assistance.

iPhone application loader error 5 0000065434

There are many possible reasons for iPhone application loader error 5 – a faulty Lightning cable for example. Regardless of what the cause make sure you use an Apple-certified Lightning cable. Another potential cause is a file with the WLL extension. This file is created by Design Science and is classified as a Win64 DLL. To fix it you’ll need to repair the MathPage WLL file.

Steam game application loader error 5 0000065434

If you get the Steam error 5 0000065434 you’ve probably installed a game on your PC but it’s not in the same folder as the Steam executable. To solve this issue try playing the game in a specific folder or link the Steam executable to specific commands. If you still have the error there could be a malfunctioning game on your PC or a common cache. If this is the case you should restart your PC and try again.

If you’re having trouble playing your Steam games you’ll have to wait for Valve to fix the issue before continuing. In the meantime you can use other methods to solve the issue such as saving screenshots. Another way to fix this error is by changing the settings of the game. To do this firstly change the default location for Steam downloads. Next make a separate folder for video games’ set-ups.

In the Stream window go to the Library tab. In the Library tab click on the Game entry folder. Right-click the folder to launch a list. Then click on the Delete option. If you have an older Windows operating system you can go to the My Computer or Open This PC section to find the Program Files folder. Once you’ve done this restart the game. The error will likely go away.

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