Alternatives to Orca MSI Editor

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If you’re trying to edit MSI files you should look into using an alternative to Microsoft’s ‘Orca’ MSI editor. This software will make the editing process much easier. You can download it from its website. Orca allows you to edit the properties of MSI files and create transforms that will apply your customizations to the packages. It also lets you edit the properties of vendor-provided MSI files.

Alternatives to Microsoft’s ‘Orca’ MSI editor

Microsoft’s ‘Orca’ MSI editing tool allows you to modify the entries in your MSI files. Some of the most common features that Orca allows you to modify include adding new table rows editing properties of installed products and disabling the automatic updater. The tool also allows you to store changes as MST files. To do so you’ll need to create a new file called ‘transformation’.

Other tools available to you include AKInstallerMSI an open-source MSI creator that allows you to create Windows installer packages. It supports Microsoft’s latest technologies including the Windows Installer (MSI) format. You can import VS and Visual Studio projects to the editor and it can also perform system searches to determine the operating system and language requirements of your MSI files.

While many programs come with an MSI installer not all of them are bug-free. If you’re developing software using Visual Studio you may want to tweak the installer before publishing it. Luckily Orca is free. This tool will let you edit MSI files as well as view and modify all tables. It’s also handy for inspecting and editing program files such as games and applications.

Creating transforms to apply customizations to MSI packages

An MSI editor allows you to add customizations to an MSI package by creating a graphical representation of the contents. This is very useful for application packagers who want to tune their setups to meet corporate standards. Several tools are available for the task. The Orca MSI editor is one of them. Its user-friendly interface lets you edit and apply customizations to MSI packages without affecting the original file.

In Orca open a MSI file and select the ‘.msi’ file from the MetaFrame directory on your CD. Choose a transform file and edit it with the editor. Afterward select the option to apply the transform to the package. Orca will apply the changes to the MSI package as a transform (.mst) file.

Another tool available for editing MSI packages is WiX. It is free and open source and can convert an XML file into an MSI installer. WiX is a more stable option and will be included in the Visual Studio 2010 release. Regardless of which tool you choose make sure you have a valid license to use it. These tools are based on Microsoft’s MSI SDK.

Editing properties of vendor-provided MSI files

MSI editors are usually written in VBScript or XML and are used to edit windows installer packages. Application Launcher is a XML interpretive installer that acts as a standardised wrapper for installing software. The msi editor’s interface resembles that of InstEd and displays a structured view of feature states and properties.

Orca is not free and requires a Windows SDK. To use it you’ll need to download the Windows SDK Components for Windows Installer Developers. Once you’ve downloaded it open an MSI file and review its property table. You’ll notice a table listing all the properties and values that the vendor has defaulted. While many of these properties are common others offer unique control over the installation.

Once you have the MSI you can edit its properties with Orca. You can edit the properties and add or remove records. Once you’re done Orca saves the modified MSI. This is not recommended as the vendor may not provide support for MSI modifications made by users. To make sure you’re following best practice consult with the vendor’s documentation.

The Orca MSI editor is an extension of the Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7. It allows you to edit the properties of vendor-provided MSI files. It makes customizing MSI packages easier. Vendor-provided guides are often incomplete and often leave out important details. However you can do a lot better with an MSI editor. This tool also gives you an easy-to-use graphical view of the information contained in MSI files.

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