AirPods Not Working With Zoom? Common Problems and Solutions

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Are your AirPods not working with Zoom? Here are a few common problems and solutions that may fix the problem. Reset your AirPods to make sure they are working properly and change the Zoom’s name if you’re using it as a microphone. If you’ve tried all of these options and still no luck you’re not alone. These are just some of the many ways to fix these problems.


If you’ve had trouble using AirPods with Zoom there are a few things you can try to resolve the issue. One of the most common problems involves the AirPods being connected to another device. Sometimes this causes the headphones to cut out and not function properly. One way to fix this is to unpair the AirPods from all other devices. This will clear the problem and allow the AirPods to work properly.

First check your PC audio settings. If you haven’t tried this yet it’s possible that the Zoom application isn’t configured to use the AirPods as a microphone. If this is the case you can try enabling noise cancellation apps to reduce background noise. If this doesn’t solve the problem try relaunching the application and see if the problem persists. If not check out your Zoom settings and try again.


If you’re having trouble connecting your AirPods to Zoom you may have a couple of suspects. First make sure the microphone on your AirPods is set to’microphone’. In Windows you can do this by searching for ‘Bluetooth’ in the start menu’s search bar. Then go to ‘Bluetooth and Other Devices’. Now reconnect your AirPods to your Zoom and test. The AirPods may have been connected to your Mac before you attempted to pair them with Zoom.

If this isn’t the case you can try to disconnect your AirPods from your other devices. This is the most common cause of AirPods not working with Zoom. Typically your AirPods will be disconnected from other devices if you’re connecting them to more than one. Make sure to unpair your AirPods from any other devices before reconnecting them to Zoom.


If your AirPods have stopped working you might be experiencing a network connection issue. Using the method below you can re-establish the connection with the device. To make sure that your AirPods are working correctly you should be able to hear the ringtone that Zoom plays. To test your microphone and speaker press the ‘Speak’ button pause and listen to it.

Another cause of the problem may be that your device has run out of resources. This happens because background tasks eat up resources. When the resource level becomes low the device can no longer run new tasks including Bluetooth connectivity. Luckily the resolution is simple. Just restart the device and you should be able to reconnect. If you can’t find the solution in the above methods try following a tutorial online.

If none of these methods work try reconnecting the AirPods to the Zoom. This will reconnect the devices automatically. Then try using Zoom again. If the problem persists repeat the steps to reconnect. However it’s not recommended for you to try this method. The other alternative is to use an external microphone. Make sure the AirPods are connected to the computer before attempting to pair them with the Zoom.

Changing name on Zoom

If you want to change the name that appears on the display of your Zoom call you should first make sure that you have the AirPods connected. If you do not you can use an external microphone and speaker. However the only way to use AirPods with Zoom is if they are connected to your Mac. If you have an iPad or Mac you should use the Zoom app online. Here’s how.

Open the Bluetooth settings menu. Look for the ‘information’ icon (lowercase ‘i’ in a circle) and tap it. The next screen will have the name of your Pods. Tap the ‘Name’ option to bring up another screen. Type in the new name and then tap ‘Done.’

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