Advantages of a Laser Security System

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If you’re considering purchasing a security system for your business, you want to be entirely sure that it’s worth your investment. And lasers have proved popular in a variety of devices, from a simple laser presentation clicker all the way to a full security system. A security system – specifically a laser security system – can prove invaluable, but they’re typically very expensive. Although the likelihood of it actually getting used is slim, it can pay to have a good setup incase of emergency.

It was only 10 or 20 years ago that laser security systems were only available to the rich. Now, they’re readily available to the majority of Western society at a good price. They’re still expensive, but not as expensive as they once were. It can be a good idea to get a laser security system for peace of mind.

But what are the real advantages of having a laser security system installed? Is it really worth it, or should you stick to plain old CCTV? Here, we’ll look at the primary benefits that you’ll gain from getting a security system installed.

Advantages of a Laser Security System

A laser security system can be used to protect yourself, your family and your property. Laser security systems are becoming more affordable for homeowners in today’s society since they can provide security without expensive installation costs. Laser beams typically cost less than $1 per square foot. With the price of entry being so low, it is small wonder that laser security systems are increasing in popularity.

For those who live in a large metropolitan area where crime runs rampant, or for those looking for high level protection around the clock, then investing in a laser security system may be a very good decision to make. Laser detection works best as an extra layer of defense because lasers do not have the power to stop intruders but instead raise the alarm by alerting you with lights that are triggered by well designed lasers.

Laser systems are very much more affordable than people realize and you can find a low-cost system to fit any budget. Laser security is also good for the environment since it doesn’t use harmful chemicals or substances such as tear gas, carbon dioxide, etc. Laser security systems add an extra level of protection at a cost that’s sure to please even the most frugal of consumers.

Laser beams are unmanned so there’s no danger posed by having them on the premises. Laser beams can detect intruders while they’re still yards away from the property,. This means that you have time to alert authorities and prepare yourself for any possible confrontation before an intruder makes his way into your home or business.

Very simple to install

In the past, wired systems were difficult to install and you’d likely have to call someone in to fit the entire system. Unless you’re a DIY lover, then installing a wired security system can be a bit of a nightmare. Having a burglar alarm system is a massive advantage if you want to keep your home safe, as , and in some cases it will even automatically dial emergency services for you.

But with newer laser security systems, this isn’t an issue. They’re extremely easy to install, and you don’t need to worry about getting someone in to install them. With most new systems, they come with easy to follow instructions that will easily enable you to install the system yourself.

Not just for intruders

One of the most common mistakes is thinking that a security system can only be used for burglars. There are a few other uses that you can use your laser security system for which might make it a valuable investment, as the infrared sensors that the

The main way that I can think off the top of my head that I’ve used a laser security system in the past is as a pool perimeter. You can easily set up a laser security system to help ensure that you’re alerted when small children get too close to the edges of a swimming pool.

You could also use a laser security system to alert you of other things, like if the kids sneak into the kitchen to steal cookies!

Easy to Hide

Whilst CCTV camera have to be positioned so that they can get a good view of everything – hence making them easily apparent to burglars – you don’t need to worry about this with laser systems. The majority of them are easily hidden.

With indoor systems, you’ll find they mainly use your regular outlet plug and they’re not something that someone would notice when walking into a room. With battery powered outside security systems, they’re likely small enough that you can easily hide them amongst trees and other foliage.

Can’t be tampered with easily

Due to the ability to easily hide them, you don’t need to be concerned about burglars tampering with your security system. Not only this, but they’re far harder to tamper with than the majority of people think.

In films, they try to make out that it’s easy to override a burglar alarm. The reality is that it isn’t that easy, as they’re based on extremely advanced technology.

Disadvantages of a Laser Security System

Of course, there are a lot of advantages of a laser security system. But it’s only fair to list the disadvantages too.


Though they’re not majorly expensive for cheaper security system, if you go for a more advanced system then you’re going to have to up your budget significantly. The best security systems can cost into the thousands of dollars, so it’s important that you shop around to get the best price for you.

They aren’t plausible

The majority of home and business security systems don’t use lasers. Why? Well, they’re likely to be unnecessarily expensive for the cause. As trip alarms, lasers work just fine but nowadays there are far more efficient technologies that can be used for a security system.

How do Laser Security Systems Work

Nowadays, the majority of laser security systems are wireless. You can easily activate the system with a remote, or in some cases, you can even activate and use the system with your phone.

A laser security system uses an IMD – an Infared Motion Detector – to sense changes of heat in the air. This means that if your body gets in the way of the detector, then your body heat is enough to trigger the sensor, which is turn will set the alarm off. The way that laser security systems are set up means it’s important to ensure they are placed properly to detect body heat, otherwise the detector won’t go off (it’s literally how you see it to be in spy films!).


Overall, it can certainly pay to get a laser security system installed in your home. All you need is for it to be used once and the investment will have more than paid for itself. And with modern technology, it’s easy to integrate the majority of systems in with your iPhone or tablet.

If nothing else, a laser security system is a massive deterrent to intruders. Even if you have a simple security camera and laser system set up, then this can be the difference between your house getting targeted and not. It always pays to be extra secure – especially where family is concerned – so considering a security camera system is a good idea for the majority of people.

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