LED Flashlights, LED Lanterns, LED Emergency Equipment and Radios

LED flashlights, lanterns and radios are ideally suited for emergency preparedness and outdoor recreation activities, on land and water, while simultaneously supporting green technologies that lessen our impact on the environment. Introducing shake flashlight technology in 1997, Applied Innovative Technologies, Inc. (AIT) pioneered the combined use of a magnetic force linear generator and capacitor energy storage system giving rise to a new chapter in the design of portable LED lighting devices. As technology advanced; particularly, with energy storage components including NiMH and Lithium batteries a new generation of products became available that accommodates power generation through dynamo generators (cranks) and solar power.

Our criteria for selecting merchandise is based on the mission statement of bringing to market “Innovative Products that Deliver Lasting Performance”. Reliability, peace of mind, and dependability is what our merchandise provides. AIT is privileged to positively impact the lives of people from around the world with our product offerings and as LED technology continues to advance our objective is to stay at the forefront of lighting innovation and continue to offer an expanding assortment of goods, complimentary equipment, and accessories.

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